Self publishing a novel

January 29th, 2017

So I’ve been a busy boy.

Over about the past two and a half years, I’ve managed to write a couple of novels. Well – they’re unpublished at this stage, so I have to call them manuscripts, technically. But not for long: I’ll be self publishing

The temporary covers of my two manuscripts, Mnemnosynch and Zephyr.

(I don’t actually own copyright on either of these two images, I’ve just grabbed them to use as my temporary covers to hand around copies for my friends and family to give feedback through. Images linked to where I got them from at the bottom of the post.)

I started Mnemnosynch first (probably five or more years ago) but stalled after 20,000 words. Then around two years ago I first read the term “Solarpunk”, and realised how all the little story ideas I’d had on and off for a couple of decades fitted together. I was absolutely bitten by a bug, and hammered out Zephyr in around eight months – all 120,000 words of it. I went back to¬†Mnemnosynch a year ago, and finished it up at around 68,000.

I’ve been editing them both, but recently spent a bunch of effort on Mnemno, and have recently handed it over to a professional editor, for a book review. I’m planning on self publishing them both this year – Mnemno first, on which I can learn all the mistakes of how not to do it, and Zephyr toward the end of the year.

Cover images:

Mnemnosynch – This is the best version of the image I can find, but alas cannot chase down any provenance for the original:
Zephyr – This one is by a Japanese artist known as Imperial Boy. His (we will assume) official website is no longer active, having been at:

I’m using them only on a temporary basis, for private circulation, and will have to have proper art sourced or done before I go to print.

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