What looks like a poorly photocopied paper cover to a book. The title is written in an angular, all caps kooky typeface, and below it the jacket illustration appears to be a sort of 'Galactic swirl'. Above all, the author appears to be 6 Mad Bastards.

Good god – why would I post THIS?

Several years ago, 6 mates and I were having several drinks down at our local, and I started complaining that it wouldn’t be too hard to write a publishable novel between the bunch of us. Not given the quality of the most recent crappy novel I had read. It frankly seemed that all which was required was an appropriate word-count. In the end we wouldn’t even achieve that.

Several beers later, we had our agreement, and our rules:

  • 4 chapters each, going around in lots of six will give us 24 chapters in total.
  • No LESS than 500 words for a chapter.
  • You are not allowed to read any more than the chapter immediately preceding yours.

Yeah, not sure where that last rule came from.

Not a great idea, obviously, if you are looking for a coherent, contiguous or thematically cohesive story. Which we found out about 564 words into this experiment.

In all seriousness – don’t do it to yourselves. Don’t read this novela. It comes to around 33,000 words, so can be easily knocked off in a lazy afternoon, but you’d regret it. Really.

An Incoherent Space Opera, indulging in liberal larceny from the hallowed halls of Star Trek, Star Wars, Cthulu, and Clive Cussler’s Dirk Pitt. It resembles nothing so much as a five year-old’s first attempt to make a parfait, in which they decided that left-over meatloaf and pickles would make an interesting addition to the custard and jelly already in the glass. If you decide to consume it, please do so with the patience of an indulgent parent.

(If you print it out in booklet format, it remains legible.)

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