Alright, so this is 5 weeks or so later, rather than every week, but I’ve been busy, alright?
Anyway, if I updated this blog too often, it would become an onerous read. And you don’t all want that, now do you?

Right, progress below:

So, Hopefully you can see some advancement there from the state of play last time.

Basically, Character Generation is done, and I have moved on to Conflict Resolution, or the Mechanics part of things.

That part is pretty simple (the whole thing meaning to be a very simple system) and I am actually finding it quit easy to write.

At the moment it seems to be about 9,000 words long. I’m aiming at about 15,000 for High-T con, and the end result will be possibly as many as 19-20,000.

SSRPG Progress indicator.

July 13th, 2012

Progress tracker, as at 13th July 2012

Progress tracker, as at 13th July 2012

Also, (in preparation for this week’s required update of work done on my game pamphlet) I have developed this nifty little visual aid for myself.

I do this kind of thing in documents at work, and while Google docs isn’t letting me update my Table of Contents with the background colours I put on my headings, I still think it is worth doing, so I can see the scope of the work ahead of me.

And as this series of posts are to allow myself and others to follow my progress, then I reckon I should post it here each week, along with my update to Australian Game Designers.

The Yellow are sections that are still to be written, and the Struck Through are sections that have been written. Pretty simple, Huh?

Also, if you look really closely, you will be able to ascertain and understand the structure of the document that I am putting together, and the topics I am covering.

Simple Steampunk RPG System

July 10th, 2012

I have been doing some more work on games recently, and having enjoyed the writing process decided to head back to my roots in gaming as well.
I am re-purposing a lot of the work I did for GENIUS! the deck-building game, and writing up an old-school tabletop RPG system, in a Steampunk milieu. Now, I know there are a lot of people doing the same thing right now, and several very good offerings out there that are similar. You can delve into some truly innovative and individual worlds that people are taking a lot of time to craft. My issue with most of them is the sheer investment of time (let alone money) that people would have to make to get a gaming session up. I feel that really large and complicated worlds are kind of hard to buy into, unless they are based on some already existing, and for commercial reasons, quite popular setting: from a book or movie, say.
So what I am proposing to do is produce a short, concise set of rules, but with no real defined setting. It is to be short, flexible, and put an emphasis on fast-moving gameplay. The idea being that anyone could pick it up, breeze through it in an afternoon, and be ready to start writing up an adventure or play a module by the evening. That way people can take all their gorgeous setting work, or their favourite Steamy comic book, and have an RPG system that they can just plug it easily into.
One of the wags over at the Brass Goggles forum has suggested that I call it “STURPS”, which is cute, but my aim is not to be everything for every setting: just Steamy enough to let people tell Steampunk stories, and lean enough not to get in the way of their idea of what a Steampunk RPG should be. Thus, Simple Steampunk RPG System.
To that end, I am calling it an RPG “Pamphlet”, like Sherlock Holmes’ essays on blood stains. A neat little thing, that will only be of interest to a narrow group of people, but who should find it quite illuminating.

Back to some writing.

December 12th, 2011

I have been wandering back to my roots recently, delving into the world of pure fiction, and getting my keyboard rattling. Two things in particular have been keeping me busy.

I have finally completed a 35,000 word story that I started over two years ago, about a couple who are dropped into a Fantasy World. That’s always been a favourite theme of mine, but till now I had never found a way to make a relevant statement with it. This time I think I have, and it feels good to have a first draft of a decent length story down.

The second thing I am working on has grown out of that first: another story that is a parable, or a metaphor of people in our world, told in a Fantasy setting. That one is looking like coming in at around 10,000 words, but I think it will need to be culled to around half that on revision.

Playtest update.

December 2nd, 2011

Golly it has been a while since I have posted here. Must remedy that.

I ran a play-test of Genuis!, and it went spectacularly well. That is to say that my version of the game itself was flawed, and needs a major rules overhaul, but the PLAY TEST therefore did its job very well.

Well, the gaming session last week went very well: a few familiar old faces, and some new ones. Everyone was very nice, and we played a couple of “deck building” games. Interesting concept, which I assume is a sort of reaction to the expense and limitation of traditional CCGs.

Some interesting lessons in there for me for “Genius!” my Steampunk Card Game.

Speaking of which, the guys seemed interested in it, and offered to play test it this week for me, if I wanted them to. So I have been finalising the rules in print form, and will take them and the mega card-deck along to the cafe tonight, and see if we can get some playing in.


January 27th, 2011

The play-testing went quite well, and I have managed to rope in another few friends to help in this regard.

I learnt a fair bit, and now believe that I have the structure for the game rounds well worked out. It is a matter now of writing out those rules, then setting aside a night for some more extensive play-testing, with some experienced gamers, and then adjusting the over all card occurrence, to ensure a balanced gameplay.

For that I might just have found a regular group that meets near my house, through an old friend (one of the people who play-tested with me at Sydcon).

Getting back into gaming.

September 21st, 2010

Wow – as it has been almost a year since I posted here, I’d better get back at it.

I have been working slowly on a Collectible Card Game, of my own devising. It has a Steampunk theme, and at the moment I am preparing a draft for the first play tests. I have gained permission to run some play tests at Sydcon in the October long weekend.

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An examination of Genres.

November 11th, 2009

I’ve started posting my own fiction work, The Genre Tunnel in episodes. Each only runs to around 10 – 15 thousand words, so can be easily ripped through in an afternoon. If you’re lucky, they’ll keep you busy for a week’s worth of morning train trips to work.

The first one, The Mystery of Huntley Manor, is available in the Prose section of the website….

Prose ahoy!

November 6th, 2009

Dear god.

Well, this website was bound to get embarassing. I have gone and  uploaded what is probably the most shameful thing that it has ever been my immense pleasure to have a hand in writing.

The Novel Experiment, by 6 Mad Bastards, is now downloadable, for your reading masochism.