Chroma Caste coverThis was a story that has danced around the edge of my brain, and my life really, for many years. It’s my attempt to wrangle with the implications of a (quite minor) genetic condition of my own, and also with how men choose to socialise in our culture. All cultures, really.

WARNING: this one isn’t a positive future. It involves references to (but not graphic descriptions of) violence, and sexual abuse.

How long have I been wrangling with the idea? I think I first scribbled down the following note about twenty years ago:

Wade inherited his colourblindness from his grandfather, on his mother’s side. 

I was originally going to use it as a poetic metaphor for depression – with the main character never aware that he walked each day through a world that was slightly more muted, less vibrant, bluer. He was to meet a young woman, who would buy him a pair of rose-tinted glasses at a market fair, that would grant him sight of the richness, fire, and passion in the world … but inevitably his eyes would adjust to the filter of her love, and return to the duller, greyer place that he couldn’t help but live in.

That’s a good idea for a story, still. But not one that I think I’ll ever have the talent or insight to write. So enjoy this little thought experiment instead.

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