EDIT: My story has won a place prize for this competition!

The winner was Roy Stevenson for his story “The Party Guest”
Zachary Chu, who wrote “Arcanum” was the other place taker – keep an eye on this kid, he’s still in primary school!

I don’t have links for their stories, but if I get supplied them, I’ll put them up.

AIvatar - a short story by Stephen Brewer
A few months ago I entered a science fiction writing competition being run by an organisation called Mondeto.

Mondeto: 2024 – a Positive Futures science fiction competition

It’s a wonderful little idea, and they are very open and relaxed about your distribution of any works you’ve submitted. They even suggested that I might like to let their readers know where they could find copies of my work, so with that permission I’m going to post it here for anyone to download and read.

AIvatar – PDF

It’s 7,700 words or so, enough to rip through during your commute, and I promise you augmented reality, kindergarten drama, and feels. Good feels.

If you just want to go through an online publisher, and get a copy sent to your machine (for the smallest fee I could arrange), then you could visit the following places:

AIvatar: on Lulu (cost $1.24)

AIvatar: Apple iBookstore (cost $0.99)

AIvatar: Barnes & Noble NOOK (cost $0.99)

I hope you all enjoy it. Let me know in the comments, below.