Box n’ Dice RPG play test #1

September 24th, 2015

A box o’ dice, paper, pencils, beer and pizza: ALL the essentials.

A box o’ dice, paper, pencils, beer and pizza: ALL the essentials.

Well, last Wednesday I went around to a mate’s place, and Murray, Alex and his two boys Toby and James (8 & 11 years old) helped me play test my Tabletop RPG system, which I am tentatively calling “Box ‘n Dice”. Because at around 10 pages of rules, that is the whole of it. And you play it with the standard set of RPG Polyhedrals, so there’s that too.

The game went really well. I decided to go for a straight out Fantasy Standard setting (basically, low magic D&D), with the regular six Attributes: STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIS, CHA. I nabbed a map and room key from Dyson’s Dodecahedron (AWESOME bloke, and that’s a great resource), and ran the four of them through it.

It really helped, and I’ve identified a key missing piece of the system. I’ve already added it in – a base set of Defensive stats for each character. It will streamline things in combat, and give the game just a little level of sophistication without complicating it.

Alex emailed me afterward:

“I should add that I think you have two converts (no dates for you!). They have been talking about their characters and doing some more table-top RPGs all afternoon.”

Privilege just became hereditary.

September 11th, 2015

An Alpha Human, looking superiorly at a normal.

Of course, to some extent it always has been. Lachlan Murdoch is only 5′ 11″ – fully two and a half inches shorter than I am – but for some unknown reason he is Executive Chairman of NewsCorp and Twentieth Century Fox, while I am neither executed nor chairful at all. We’re both white, male, Australian, with good educations and a Bachelor degree apiece.

We both also have young kids. My daughter started kindergarten this year, at the same time as his little girl, although at vastly different schools. And while my child is bright, pretty and engaging, it’s a simple fact that his daughter will have a lower student to teacher ratio, more iPads in the classroom, and vastly superior quality of glitter and plastic scissors than my child will in her brown-brick public school across the road from our house.

But there’s another difference between our daughters. When they grow up, and have little bundles of joy of their own, Lachlan’s grandkids will be some of the genetically rich. My grandchildren? Maybe not.

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But I think I might get back to putting some content up here.

Major updates from the three years that I have been silent:

  1. I now work as a UX Consultant
  2. I have started a Youtube channel with my wife: Kitty Hollywood. LOTS of content up there.
  3. I have written a novel. No seriously. It’s 120,000 words long. It’s a Solarpunk novel!
  4. I have re-visited my Simple Steampunk RPG concept, and decided to turn it into a Universal, or Omnivariant system.

That last one is probably the easiest to blog about, so I’ll focus on it for a while, I think.